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Data has a better idea

The combination of old school research and new school data analysis and visualization offer unique and interesting ways to define and measure success.  Our group believes in both.


We think alot but mostly we just help others think because they know their business better than we do.

Plenty of other people think alot as well.  We read their stuff and we share it here.

Worth a Read

The Infinite Game


WEP Logo2.png
Global Competitiveness Report

An indepth look at global competitiveness by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum

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Sleep and Athletic Performance

Sleep and Athletic Performance: The Effects of Sleep Loss on Exercise Performance, and Physiological and Cognitive Responses to Exercise

Deloit Logo.png
Deloitte’s 2019 sports industry starting lineup

Trends Deloitte expected to disrupt and dominate 2019

SportsTech Logo.png
Global Sports Tech Venture Capital Report

A deep dive into Global Sports Tech Venture Capital Report 2019

McKinsey Logo.jpg
Reputation Management to Long Term Value

Moving from reputation management to long term value: the business of sustainability


HBR Pic.png
6 Signs Your Corp Culture Is a Liability

Sarah Clayton discusses 6 signs that show your corporate culture is a liability

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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

Gartner analysts explore top industry trends at Gartner IT symposium 2019, October 20-24 in Orlando

BJS logo.jpeg
The Globalization of Football: 'Glocalization'

A study in the glocalization of the ‘serious life’by Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson for the BJS.

SSJ Logo.jpeg
European Sports Federations have no Sustainability Policy

A study evaluating sports governance finds that federations particularly struggle to devise policy around societal issues, such as the environment

Commonwealth Logo.jpeg
Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to SDGs

By Iain Lindsey and Tony Chapman for the Commonwealth Secretariat

WEAI Logo.jpeg
Determinants of Revenue in Sports Leagues

An empirical assessment of determinants of revenue in sports leagues

MIT Sloan Logo.jpeg
The Horizon of Sports is Digital:
Ticket Buyers

The Horizon of Sports is Digital: Using Fantasy Sports, eSports and Electronic Gambling to Find Next Generation of Ticket Buyers


HBR Pic.png
Big Ideas & Debates in Corp Governance

By Lynn S. Paine and Suraj Srinivasan for the Harvard Business Review

Bain Logo.png
Sustainable Procurement Policy

Bain and company discuss sustainable procurement policy

FC Freiburg: Carbon Neutral Stadium

Case for a standard definition of stadium sustainability?

Deloit Logo.png
Rise of eSports Investments

A deep dive with Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC and The Esports Observer

SGO - Governance of Intl Federations

An assessment of good governance in six international sports federations


Screenshot 2019-12-06 11.06.04.png
Leaders Survey
1992 Onwards

Experts from 78 countries on progress since 1992

Data Collaboration for Common Good

Report on enabling trust and innovation through public-private partnerships by McKinsey & Company with the WEF

Fortune 500 logo2.jpeg
Sustainability Reporting: Fortune 500

Terry Waghorn discusses lessons learned from the Fortune 500

IOC logo.jpeg
IOC Nov 2019 Sustainability Update:

A review of the International Olympic Committees 2020 objectives

IOC logo.jpeg
History of Sustainability & Sport (IOC)

Sustainability through sport- Implementing the Olympic Movement’s Agenda 21

Routledge Logo.png
Green Waves of Environmental Sustainability

By Brian P. McCullougha , Michael E. Pfahlb and Shelia Nguyenc

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Research

A brief report on carbon dioxide emissions research and sustainable transportation in the sports industry

Sustainable Bid Strategy: Germany 2024

Sustainability concept Euro 2024 Germany

ASU logo.png
American Sports Leagues Pushing for Sustainability

As individuals take steps toward a more sustainable planet, major sports leagues around the globe are pushing for a more sustainable future.

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