A Think Tank for Generations to Come

The Socratics Think Tank is focused on three key big picture questions:
  • How can we unify and leverage the influence, audience, and supply chains of entertainment to innovate business models that are profitable and sustainable across mainstream society?
  • When can we turn venues into power sources instead of energy users across communities globally?
  • How can we build an entertainment ecosystem across Ireland that functions as a de-facto incubation zone for entertainment innovation globally?

The Socratics Ethos


- Socrates


- Socrates

We believe entertainment can drive innovation and impact society in an ethical and financially beneficial manner.  In order to ensure these creative industries thrive, we are working on initiatives to de-risk initiatives by making sustainability profitable.


We're firm believers that entertainment should be leading the way in how we treat people and the planet.

As the world attempts to figure out how to move forward, it can be overwhelming to make short-term and long-term decisions simultaneously. A long-term plan lays a foundation in leadership, governance, culture and sustainability — so we insanely believe in asking the question, can you afford NOT to build a 100-year plan?


One area of focus is to drive revenue with sustainable concepts, leveraging sponsors and partners to achieve mutual benefits across the entertainment and sport landscape.


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