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Sport drives innovation and impact across society in myriad ways.  In order to ensure the games continue to thrive as a business, we work on initiatives to de-risk sport by making sustainability profitable.

Areas of Focus

Sports Teams

Teams need to understand the business of their partners and sponsors.  Media and Brands power the sports industry, so rights-holders need to understand how to leverage the power of sport and intellectual property to increase profits for their clients in new and creative ways.  #100YearPlans

Media Orgs

Media rights account for 30% of sports revenue and plays an integral role in sporting ecosystem for organizations large and small. Developing omni-channel experiences for consumers is paramount for public and private impact in the coming years to maximize profits.  #100YearPlans


Investors have the power to influence capital flow, CEO compensation, and innovation in organizations and via the startup ecosystem. The sustainable profit pipeline starts with the culture and strategies set by investors and venture capitalists in many facets.  #100YearPlans


Brands can unlock the power of sport as a vehicle to drive sustainable profit and impact. Supply chains and procurement processes serve the needs of customers and shareholders but aligning the culture of marketing and HR departments is required to fully capitalize on spend.  #100YearPlans


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